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Division of Pre-licensure Nursing

Nursing is the nation's largest health care profession with employment opportunities available for men and women upon graduation. The average annual starting salary for baccalaureate-prepared nurses is $73,300 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020) and master's-prepared nurses is $115,800!

The nursing profession allows for Christian ministry; IWU prepares you to find the intersection between your faith and your career so that the spiritual care of your clients is included with physical and psychological care.

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Guaranteed Acceptance Pathway

A direct entry program, Guaranteed Acceptance Pathway (GAP) is available for high school students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Benefits of the Guaranteed Acceptance Pathway

  • Guaranteed Admission we reserve you a spot so that when you are done with the prerequisites as outlined below, you can jump right in to clinical nursing
  • Streamlined pathway into nursing clinical coursework
  • No requirement to apply to the clinical nursing program as all other students do between the freshman and sophomore years.
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What Makes IWU's Nursing Program Unique?

A modernized curriculum prepares nurses for health care delivery in the 21st century

Caring faculty provide individualized student advisement

Instruction focuses on the distinctiveness of Christian nursing

Qualified faculty actively engage in clinical practice and research

A strong transcultural component explores cultural diversity

Students receive a solid foundation for advanced study

The Fortune Simulation Lab is a safe place for students to practice their skills and critical thinking

Find the way Forward

Discover your God-given gifts and begin impacting the world in Jesus' name with a degree in Nursing from IWU!

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The Pre-licensure Fortune Simulation Lab features stellar, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art facilities. The lab is a "safe" place for students to practice their skills and critical thinking. Students in every clinical specialty (medical/surgical, maternal/child, leadership, mental health and critical care) spend time in the lab.

Video capabilities permit students to review clinical actions and reasoning. Lab faculty, who are professional nurses, model professional skills and socialize students into the art and science of nursing.

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The Pre-licensure Nursing program is a four-year baccalaureate program. It is located in Marion, Indiana. Our nursing courses are taught during the fall and spring semesters.
Classes in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, algebra and/or statistics. Additionally, English and writing provide a good foundation for nursing.

All academic requirements must be met by Aug. 15 for the fall admission or Dec. 15 for the spring admission into the Nursing program at the sophomore level.

Academic prerequisites include:

  • Meeting the math requirement
  • Passing the TEAS with a score of 65% or above
  • Successfully passing Foundations of Nursing (NUR145)
  • Completing all four of the required science courses with a grade of C or higher
  • Earning a cumulative GPA of 2.75
Yes! Introduction to Chemistry (CHE110) is a course designed for students who didn’t take high school chemistry. This course gives students a background in chemistry before taking Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry (CHE120).
Yes, credit will be given for scores of 3 or above on Advanced Placement exams. See the IWU Catalog for more information. High school AP science courses do not transfer in for our prerequisite science courses.
Unfortunately, no. After students are accepted into the nursing major, it will take six academic semesters to complete the required nursing courses. We suggest nursing students use their summers to work in health care settings.

Yes, a math course is required for admission into the nursing major. MAT107 (MAT113 preferred) or higher at IWU with a grade of C or higher will meet the requirement.

Placement in math courses is determined by SAT or ACT scores. An approved college math transfer course (College Math, Algebra, etc.) may also be acceptable.

After a student is accepted into the Nursing program, clinicals will begin the first semester during the sophomore year.

Documentation of the following requirements is mandatory in order to be eligible to participate in clinicals. The Division of Pre-licensure Nursing uses a secure online document management system to retain these records.

  1. Criminal Background Check A criminal background check is required before students may participate in clinicals. This background check must be completed through the company approved by the Division of Pre-licensure Nursing.
  2. Physical Examination Students must submit a Health Clearance Form, which has been completed by a health care provider. The form is provided by the Division of Pre-licensure Nursing and available on the University website.
  3. PPD/TB Skin Test The administration and results of this test must be documented and renewed annually.
  4. MMR Documentation Two documented doses of MMR vaccine or positive measles, mumps and rubella titers are required. Each student’s file must contain a copy of the positive titre lab report. If the original titre is negative, documentation for additional MMR immunization is required.
  5. Hepatitis B Immunization A series of three (3) Hepatitis B vaccine injections are required. The initial dose is given, then repeated at one month and six months after initial dose.
  6. Tdap Immunization Documentation for a current Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) is required.
  7. Varicella Documentation Two documented doses of varicella vaccine or a positive titre is required. If the titre is drawn, a copy of the lab report is required. If the original titre is negative, documentation for two varicella immunizations, given one month apart is required.
  8. Flu Immunization Documentation of a flu immunization is required each year.
  9. Drug Screen The Clinical Coordinator will alert students when this is needed. If administered too far in advance, it will not be considered current. Additional urine drug screens may be required prior to starting some clinicals based on clinical agency requirements. This screen is offered at the IWU Health Center.
Our Nursing Educational Resource Specialist is a full-time employee available to students for academic support unique to nursing students, including time management, study and testtaking strategies.