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IWU’s Division of Natural Sciences provides numerous opportunities for student formation. We believe God will shape you through learning in the classroom and also by creating strong mentorship opportunities with faculty, peers, and the community!

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Distinguished Faculty

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Matthew Kreitzer


Dr. Matthew Kreitzer joined IWU’s Biology Department in the Fall of 2003 after completing his PhD in biological sciences focusing on Neurobiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. At IWU he teaches anatomy and physiology courses for allied health majors as well as introductory biology and upper division anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience courses for biology majors.

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Secondary Major

Secondary majors are for students who plan to attend graduate school.

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Discover your God-given potential and begin impacting the world in Jesus' name with a degree in Natural Sciences from IWU!

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Facilities and Equipment

IWU Natural Sciences students benefit from world-class facilities and learn using state-of-the-art scientific and diagnostic equipment.

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Why IWU is Unique!

  • Approximately 150 students in the division
  • 85% of students completing the premed program are accepted into a health professional school
  • 70 students have attended external conferences since 2011
  • Faculty in our division currently have 3 grants from the National Science Foundation totaling more than $1,000,000
  • 17 research papers have been published by division faculty
Why STEM at IWU?

Over the past 5+ years, IWU has made significant advances in equipping itself to be a leader in STEM undergraduate education. IWU maintains a faculty/student ratio of ~15:1, which enables outstanding mentorship of undergraduates by faculty in the traditional classroom as well as non-traditional learning settings like undergraduate research, student societies, and seminars.

This exceptional program support has been coupled by recent initiatives at IWU to infuse significant infrastructure, new programs, and resources to catalyze STEM education at IWU, making IWU fertile ground for cultivating a future STEM workforce.