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Daniel Kiteck

Associate Professor


Ph.D.; M.A.

From Dr. Kiteck:

"I love teaching at IWU because of the authentic Christian fellowship, the curious and fun-loving students, and being a part of such a high quality academic community. Two students immediately come to mind-I had an absolute blast advising the brilliant Tyler (2011) and Matthew (2014) in deep, uncharted-so never done before-mathematics, and I look forward to new adventures with students. I am proud of Tyler whose work was published in a respected journal of mathematics (http://msp.org/involve/2013/6-4/p04.xhtml ). We have math alumni literally all over the world in the areas of education, government, and industry. One cannot go wrong majoring in mathematics-and not only in terms of one's future career, but also in terms of intellectual and personal growth. Mathematics literally touches on all aspects of life. In IWU's math classes, students have told me that they have been very challenged, but at the same time have had tons of fun. The math students grow close-I know just recently math grads met together at an informal reunion. If you have ANY questions, please do NOT hesitate to contact me (daniel.kiteck@indwes.edu ) or any of our other math faculty."

Dr. Kiteck joined IWU in 2008. He was born and raised in Somerset, Kentucky. As a student he loved the Christian community of Asbury University, and he is now ecstatic about being a professor in the beautiful Christian community at IWU. Dr. Kiteck teaches a wide variety of math classes at IWU with Modern Abstract Algebra being one of his favorites. Dr. Kiteck absolutely LOVES mathematics, so he is constantly learning more. But, for as much as he loves mathematics, he loves, Loves, LOVES his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ infinitely more. He also Loves, LOVES being with his wife Karen and children Nathanael Arden (b. 2009), Cherish Grace (b. 2011), and Paisley Joy (b. 2013).

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Undergraduate research
  • Math Education
  • Dr. Kiteck has given multiple talks, in advanced mathematics and in the teaching of mathematics, at the University of Kentucky, Indiana Wesleyan, the Indiana section of Mathematics Association of America Meetings, the international conference for the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, and the national Joint Mathematics Meetings.

University of Kentucky, 2008


University of Kentucky, 2003


Asbury College, 2001


OHSN 170-E