Faculty Profile

Erin Devers


Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Erin Devers is a professor of psychology at Indiana Wesleyan University. She identifies strongly as a teacher/scholar and explores innovative ways to engage her class and enhance learning. In the past, she has experimented with the use of clickers, randomized cold-calling, flipped classes, and statistics theater. She teaches social psychology, research methods, statistics, and general psychology. As a social psychologist, Dr. Devers’ recent work has explored the way our physical states influence our psychological states, such as how a physical touch can reduce prejudice, or how hot temperatures might influence perceptions of physical attractiveness. She has also recently collaborated with students to open the Grant County Lice Treatment Project in collaboration with a local church. The goal of the project is to reduce the spread of lice and to understand the social and academic consequences of lice.

Social Psychology

Indiana University Bloomington, 2007


Huntington University, 2002


ELDR 340-F