Faculty Profile

Jeanelle VerWayne

Assistant Professor

Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Jeanelle VerWayne has a BSW and MSW and obtained her license in clinical social work in 2004. She is both a seasoned social work practitioner and an educator with a deep-rooted passion for teaching. During her thirteen-year clinical career, Dr. VerWayne practiced as a school-based therapist in elementary and middle schools throughout the Indianapolis area. She provided individual, family, and group counseling to children and their families to address their unique needs related to mental health disorders, trauma, conflict, substance abuse, and the impact of socioeconomic stressors. Dr. VerWayne was also a resource to schools in times of crisis, offering support to students and families facing emergencies, including issues related to community violence, homelessness, and other critical situations.

 In 2014, Dr. VerWayne taught her first online social work course. This experience was a turning point in her career, sparking a newfound love for teaching and a commitment to making education accessible to a broader audience. This passion for teaching inspired her to pursue a PhD in Higher Education Leadership, which was completed in 2023. Dr. VerWayne has been a full-time member of the online BSW faculty at IWU since 2018 and she enjoys integrating her faith as she engages with her online students on their social work journeys. Her teaching philosophy revolves around the integration of theory and practice that prepares students for the dynamic challenges they may encounter in the field, while fostering interaction and dialogue in her courses.

Dr. VerWayne lives in Avon, Indiana with her husband, two teenagers, and their cat, Leo. She is active in her church and seeks to experience God’s presence in her life daily. She also loves coffee, chocolate, running on the treadmill, and all things travel.


Notre Dame of Maryland University, 2023

Social Work

IUPUI, 2001

Social Work

Taylor University, 2000