Faculty Profile

Logan Hoffman

Assistant Professor

Social Sciences

Ph.D.; M.Div.; B.A.

Logan Hoffman is an Assistant Professor of Humanities & Theology for the John Wesley Honors College.  Dr. Hoffman received his B.A. from Indiana Wesleyan University, M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary, and Ph.D., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Logan entered his vocational ministry as a church planter in Christchurch, New Zealand, and then joined the College Wesleyan Church staff in Marion, Indiana.  In 2018, he and his wife moved to Dublin, Ireland where they oversaw study abroad students and Logan began his PhD studies at Trinity College Dublin.

Since 2021, Logan has worked with the John Wesley Honors College in a variety of roles.  Dr. Hoffman's research has been published or presented in a variety of venues, including the International Journal of Systematic Theology, the Wesleyan Theological Society annual conference, and the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion.


Trinity College,


Princeton Theological Seminary,

Occupational Therapy

North Education Center, 1985