Faculty Profile

Tiffany Ann Johns

Associate Professor; Chair, Division of Natural Sciences

Social Sciences


Dr. Tiffany Ann Johns is an Assistant Professor in the PhD in Organizational Leadership program in Indiana Wesleyan University’s Division of Leadership and Followership Studies. She is a Certified Public Accountant and holds several professional certifications within human resources and strategic planning. With a background in business, Dr. Johns spent over a decade and a half working as an accounting, human resource, and consulting professional. As a member of the International Leadership Association (ILA), she serves on the Finance Board for the group.

Dr. Johns teaches a variety of courses including quantitative research methods, ethics and leader decision making, organizational learning, and leader development.


Dr. Johns has current research interests in executive leaders, ethical decision making, personal leader development, and mentoring.

Organizational Leadership

Indiana Wesleyan University, 2023


Baylor University, 2001

Business Administration with a minor in Corporate Communication

Baylor University, 2001