Lasting Change Partnership

IWU National & Global is offering discounted access to advanced educational opportunities for employees of Lasting Change organizations.

Crosswinds is offering discounted coaching and counseling services in-person and online for IWU National & Global students and staff.

Lifeline, Crosswinds and Lasting Change are offering field placements, professional development opportunities, and job placements for IWU National & Global students, alumni and staff.

Partnership Overview

IWU National & Global and the Lasting Change family of organizations, Lifeline and Crosswinds, are collaborating to impact communities more deeply and broadly. Both entities are excited to combine their strengths, working together to bring immediate benefits to their staff and students while gathering the best and brightest to create strategies for long-term radical impact on our communities and our state. Together, we truly believe we can prove the proposition that the family God intended can and will make communities prosper economically, educationally, physically and behaviorally. The partnership will focus on collaboration around long-term radical impacts for communities, and it also offers a number of immediate benefits for the organizations, as listed below.

Immediate benefits for IWU staff and students include:

  • Crosswinds coaching and counseling services available online and in-person, with discounts available.
  • Field placement opportunities with industry leading pay, experiences, and direct tracks to employment with loan forgiveness packages and signing bonuses. 
  • Enrichment opportunities in the form of co-hosted seminars, learning opportunities, and events to be held at IWU regional education centers.

Immediate benefits for Lasting Change, Lifeline and Crosswinds include:
  • A 20% tuition discount on select IWU National & Global programs.*
  • Office space in IWU regional education centers which will be used to build new Crosswinds counseling clinics, increasing accessibility for IWU students, staff, and the general public.

Crosswinds Counseling Services

Crosswinds offers faith-based counseling services for you, your child, your family, or your marriage. For your convenience, Crosswinds offers a variety of ways to receive counseling and coaching; from online and texting to in-home counseling or meeting an office. Crosswinds is designed to offer you flexible ways to get the help and support you need when you need it, where you need it. Learn more at or 866-546-1778.


*Tuition discount does not apply to students enrolled in IWU-Marion residential campus, School of Health Sciences, uLeap, nurse practitioner (except MSN-FNP), doctoral, or graduate counseling programs. Other exclusions may apply. Ask your enrollment counselor for additional details.