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At IWU, one of our top priorities is ensuring you have the tools and resources to reach graduation day with confidence. Not only that, we want you to thrive as a student, which is why we offer academic tutoring, technical support, career development services, research assistance, spiritual support and more.

Explore our wide variety of resources available to online students below.

Digital Learning Tools

Academic Writer offers a complete digital environment for teaching, learning, and writing academic papers. Students can refine their writing, build a reference library, get templates and check their work. Learn more about Academic Writer.
Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that can help students stay connected and on track with their IWU courses. It gives one easy view of course calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades, and news. Learn more about the Pulse app.
EndNote organizes bibliographies and references when writing essays, articles and other manuscripts. The software helps to manage and organize references, insert in-text citations and generate appropriate reference lists. For more information, see EndNote.
Grammarly is an online editor and grammar checker that helps people improve their writing by suggesting revisions and catching errors before submission. It can also help students with citations and catch potential plagiarism. Learn more about Grammarly.
Kaltura is a cloud-based web service used by faculty to create and publish video content for student assignments. Learn more about Kaltura.
All IWU students receive Microsoft Office for free via their Office 365 subscription, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and more. Learn more about Microsoft 365.
ReadSpeaker offers online text-to-speech (TTS) solutions for a multitude of course materials. This speech-enabled tool supports students through audio-enhanced learning in every area of study. Try the demo here.
Turnitin is a plagiarism checker that helps students get feedback on how similar their work is to others’ papers. Learn more about TurnItIn.
IWU students get free access to Zoom, which can be used for personal messaging, audio or video chats, and large-scale meetings. Learn more about Zoom.

Academic Support Resources

IWU offers a working partnership with students that focuses on the process of learning. Alongside a professional coach, students examine their own learning styles, working habits, and current difficulties or barriers to success. The aim is to help students identify what it takes (skill development, motivations, accountability, and resources) to create and engage in effective strategies for academic success. This program is primarily for students with accommodations, but exceptions are made.

Online Campus Library Services (OCLS) librarians provide APA reviews for students.

Students can submit a Word document to the library's website to start their review.

Students can contact the Student Care team for general “how-to” questions on getting started in BrightSpace courses, using the computer, or viewing tutorials on Microsoft Office 365 (e.g., MS Word, email). For computer issues, our Information Technology (IT) support team is a great resource.
Students can join classmates in an online, group writing experience as the English faculty-tutor walks through each assignment. Classmates support one another with feedback, improving writing skills in a small, community setting.
IWU's IT Support team is on call to assist students with a variety of technological issues. Also, their Knowledge Base webpage houses tutorials and answers frequently asked questions. Learn more about the Knowledge Base.
A self-directed New Student Orientation webpage and live orientation webinars will introduce new students to their IWU community and unlock the key to their next steps on their educational journey. Students will discover the tools, tips, resources, and support systems for a positive start. 
Personalized Search Plans (PSPs) are offered by the Online Campus Library Services (OCLS) and include step-by-step directions for using the online library. Check out this and other OCLS services on their website.
Spiritcare provides Christ-centered support, resources, and services to IWU-National & Global students and faculty. It also offers help, hope, and healing for those in crisis. 
IWU N&G offers free tutoring through Services include live tutoring connections 24/7, a drop-off writing review, diagnostic quizzes, session reviews, and more. Learn more about

Career and Finance Resources

Funded by the Lilly Endowment, Ascend Indiana creates pathways between educational institutions (like us) and Indiana employers to identify jobs and internships for students of all majors. Learn more about Ascend.
Handshake is a career management tool that helps students get access to meaningful jobs and careers. Learn more about Handshake.
IWU and Lasting Change have partnered to offer several benefits to employees and students. These include discounts on education, coaching and counseling services, field placements, professional development opportunities, and job placements for IWU National & Global students, alumni and staff. Learn more about Lasting Change.
WhichWay is an interactive app that offers advice for managing time and money wisely. IWU-National & Global students receive FREE access to the WhichWay app, where they can learn about setting and maintaining a budget, achieving financial goals, managing and repaying debt and student loans, and obtaining credit. Learn more about the WhichWay App.

Training, Credentialing, and Partnerships

IWU helps students from other institutions get access to the courses they need for admission or graduation requirements. This higher education network allows IWU to offer its resources to students in need. Learn more about Acadeum.
The Bridge Initiative creates education pathways for learners by partnering with organizations like churches, flight schools, and non-profits to offer ministry and marketplace programs. Learn more about the Bridge Initiative.
The Ron Blue Institute offers certifications focused on applying biblical principles to the financial decision-making process. The Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Certified Kingdom Advisor™ (CKA) prepares students to help others manage their resources well. 
METC training and military experience counts at IWU! Military students can earn degrees faster than they ever thought possible with a generous transfer policy and a degree designed specifically for military students (the A.S. in Public Service and Management). Learn more about METC.
The Talent Ladder solves talent attraction and retention issues for employers by offering innovative, customized training solutions that can be connected to college credits. Learn more about the Talent Ladder.
UpSkill Forward offers access to affordable, online training aligned with real jobs in the marketplace. Over 700 interactive competency-based lessons have been combined into programs designed for specific in-demand careers in aerospace, automotive, and commercial industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Learn more about UpSkill Forward.